On which site is it best to choose a proxy server?

In the modern era of ubiquitous spread and influence of the Internet on all aspects of modern man, few users do not know what a proxy is. In simple words, a proxy is an intermediate stage, a server that is a certain transmitter between a user on the one hand and a website on the other.

Proxies on the modern World Wide Web are used in many structures and for the majority of users it is simply necessary for work. After all, one of the most important conditions for the popularity of proxies is the anonymity of both sides, provided certain factors are observed, of course.

The large number of proxy servers themselves forces many to be more attentive to the choice of the server from a thousand others. And there are many sites where you can buy a proxy, and find a free option. From the outset, you need to determine for what purposes a proxy server is used, and whether the Internet user is ready to pay for a proxy to ensure its quality and stable operation.

Proxies are divided into types:

HTTP is one of the most popular and simplest types and uses the TCP protocol;

HTTPS — Unlike the previous type, a special SSL-protected protocol is supported, where great attention is paid to the protection of personal data;

SOCKS — for programs where it is impossible to use an intermediary server directly, and the data itself comes in an uncluttered form that provides quality anonymity.

As with all lists, such separation is primarily necessary for a more adequate division of a large number of intermediary servers according to their similar criteria. After all, in contrast to the free proxies, where the server itself will be as overloaded as possible, as it is essentially a shortcoming of any system administrators. when using a server that is suitable for certain user requests, the quality of work can pleasantly surprise.

For example, at you can try out a free period of paid proxy, evaluate its quality, and then take any one you like from the list. After all, the range of proxy use is simply huge. Whether full anonymity is required, for what purposes and as what the proxy itself will be used (for example, requests of what kind will be the priority of all that also affects the choice), the speed of interaction of the intermediate server with you and the site you need.

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