Build protection from cybercriminals.

Internet access threatens our information security. It’s not just different viruses that are the problem. For each user, there are other threats. Therefore, let us describe the system of protection that can make any user of the World Wide Web. But first let’s try to understand the problem.

What is the problem? Digital technology helps us a lot, but it threatens the security of our personal data. For cybercriminals, digital technology is a way to get hold of someone else’s information.

We have long been part of the digital economy. We shop online, pay our rent. So cybercriminals often steal information that contains bank accounts. It’s very difficult to catch the scammers because they use new schemes every time. So it’s easier to keep yourself safe from crooks than to hope that they won’t hurt you. To keep your identity secure, you have to follow simple rules. This will be your security system. I want to draw your attention to the fact that the proposed security features can be accessed by any user. No special IT knowledge is required. But you will have to understand some issues in order to use the Internet properly.
Computer is a kind of fortress, behind the walls of which your personal information is stored. And you must protect it effectively so that no cheater can use it.

I’ll describe the levels of protection below.

Level 1. VPN
VPN is a private virtual network. It’s one of the security tools. With it, you can use a non-existent IP address. In addition, you will be able to encrypt your actions on the Internet. Your digital life will be much freer. Even a free VPN can protect you.

Layer 2. Firewall
The Firewall will help protect your personal data. It will not allow you to share information with anyone without your consent. The Firewall can be compared to fortress guards who keep enemies out. This is a serious level of information security. Although it’s not the most complex. For example, Windows and Mac OS have their own firewalls. But it’s still better to use independent programs.

Level 3. Encryption .
A complex password ensures that your social network profile is not compromised. If you have trouble remembering all passwords, you can use a special program. It will store all your passwords. But it will remember the password from this program. This may sound funny, but many users still use their date of birth as their passwords. Cybercriminals can easily find those passwords.

But users also store other information on their computer that no one should see. With special programs you can encrypt this information.

These are just a few ways to protect it. I did not go into all the nuances. Only the big picture is shown. There are more advanced security methods that are used by advanced users.

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