Build protection from cybercriminals.

Internet access threatens our information security. It’s not just different viruses that are the problem. For each user, there are other threats. Therefore, let us describe the system of protection that can make any user of the World Wide Web. But first let’s try to understand the problem.

What is the problem? Digital technology helps us a lot, but it threatens the security of our personal data. For cybercriminals, digital technology is a way to get hold of someone else’s information.

We have long been part of the digital economy. We shop online, pay our rent. So cybercriminals often steal information that contains bank accounts. It’s very difficult to catch the scammers because they use new schemes every time. So it’s easier to keep yourself safe from crooks than to hope that they won’t hurt you. To keep your identity secure, you have to follow simple rules. This will be your security system. I want to draw your attention to the fact that the proposed security features can be accessed by any user. No special IT knowledge is required. But you will have to understand some issues in order to use the Internet properly.
Computer is a kind of fortress, behind the walls of which your personal information is stored. And you must protect it effectively so that no cheater can use it.

I’ll describe the levels of protection below.

Level 1. VPN
VPN is a private virtual network. It’s one of the security tools. With it, you can use a non-existent IP address. In addition, you will be able to encrypt your actions on the Internet. Your digital life will be much freer. Even a free VPN can protect you.

Layer 2. Firewall
The Firewall will help protect your personal data. It will not allow you to share information with anyone without your consent. The Firewall can be compared to fortress guards who keep enemies out. This is a serious level of information security. Although it’s not the most complex. For example, Windows and Mac OS have their own firewalls. But it’s still better to use independent programs.

Level 3. Encryption .
A complex password ensures that your social network profile is not compromised. If you have trouble remembering all passwords, you can use a special program. It will store all your passwords. But it will remember the password from this program. This may sound funny, but many users still use their date of birth as their passwords. Cybercriminals can easily find those passwords.

But users also store other information on their computer that no one should see. With special programs you can encrypt this information.

These are just a few ways to protect it. I did not go into all the nuances. Only the big picture is shown. There are more advanced security methods that are used by advanced users.


On which site is it best to choose a proxy server?

In the modern era of ubiquitous spread and influence of the Internet on all aspects of modern man, few users do not know what a proxy is. In simple words, a proxy is an intermediate stage, a server that is a certain transmitter between a user on the one hand and a website on the other.

Proxies on the modern World Wide Web are used in many structures and for the majority of users it is simply necessary for work. After all, one of the most important conditions for the popularity of proxies is the anonymity of both sides, provided certain factors are observed, of course.

The large number of proxy servers themselves forces many to be more attentive to the choice of the server from a thousand others. And there are many sites where you can buy a proxy, and find a free option. From the outset, you need to determine for what purposes a proxy server is used, and whether the Internet user is ready to pay for a proxy to ensure its quality and stable operation.

Proxies are divided into types:

HTTP is one of the most popular and simplest types and uses the TCP protocol;

HTTPS — Unlike the previous type, a special SSL-protected protocol is supported, where great attention is paid to the protection of personal data;

SOCKS — for programs where it is impossible to use an intermediary server directly, and the data itself comes in an uncluttered form that provides quality anonymity.

As with all lists, such separation is primarily necessary for a more adequate division of a large number of intermediary servers according to their similar criteria. After all, in contrast to the free proxies, where the server itself will be as overloaded as possible, as it is essentially a shortcoming of any system administrators. when using a server that is suitable for certain user requests, the quality of work can pleasantly surprise.

For example, at you can try out a free period of paid proxy, evaluate its quality, and then take any one you like from the list. After all, the range of proxy use is simply huge. Whether full anonymity is required, for what purposes and as what the proxy itself will be used (for example, requests of what kind will be the priority of all that also affects the choice), the speed of interaction of the intermediate server with you and the site you need.


Why do many people use proxies from other countries?

The use of proxy servers is a popular option in our century, because it opens up new security opportunities for people. What are the advantages of using proxies from other countries and why do some of them access the World Wide Web?


Proxies help to anonymize any action taken by a user. That is, no one can know where a person is coming from, which device they are using, or which sites they are visiting. How can a user remain anonymous ? The fact is that when connecting to a foreign proxy, your ip is replaced by the address of another country. Everyone knows that on many sites when you visit it there is a trail of the user, by which the owner can find out where he is from, as well as get other information. Using a proxy prevents this possibility, but provides a lot of security.

Bypassing prohibited sites:

If a site is officially blocked on the territory of the state, but still wants to enter, then there is no way without a proxy. The main thing is to choose the country in which the site is allowed to be viewed. It is no secret that every year there are more and more blocked sites. And some are included in the banned list is not quite justified or by mistake. Therefore, to get around this ban will help the use of quality proxy. In this way you will discover the boundaries of information, get the opportunity to learn something new that was previously closed to public access.

This also applies to films, games, which are banned in the country for some reason. To return such joys, you can simply use a proxy that will lift the ban at the moment, just select a suitable country for such purposes, which allows you to watch the content.

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Where can I find a good proxy server?

Finding a great option is not such an easy task. After all, it is important to choose the optimal ratio of price, speed, available opportunities. offers a combination of all three factors in one bouquet. That is, the user immediately opens up large areas of anonymization, security on the Internet. Proxies have entered so firmly into simple life that their use has become a good way to maximize the protection of their data, secure them. It is difficult to give up this way of protection when it is available to anyone who wants to protect their data.